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HD inspection system - visual inspection in ELECTRONICS & MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURING | Ideal-tek
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HD inspection system

Ideal-tek’s TEK-SCOPE auto focus HD camera provides optical magnification of up to 30x, and digital magnification up to 300x.
TEK-SCOPE produces high quality distortion free up to 1080p FHD images with no delay and with excellent depth of field. LED lights give users shadow-free illumination. The large 280 mm working distance enables inspection of a wide variety of objects. TEK-SCOPE can be used connected to a monitor or to a PC.

HDMI Output: Live-streaming images on your Monitor (FHD 1920x1080)
Use the remote control to zoom in and out, turn auto focus on or off, insert a cross hair, fine tune your focus, and much more all with a touch of a button. Simply connect the HDMI cable and run.

USB Output: Live-streaming images on your PC (HD 1280x720)
Use the toolbar to utilize the image and measurement software. The software is  preinstalled on the included USB flash drive or can be downloaded from No drivers, no product keys necessary, simply install and run.

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ESD safe
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TEK-SCOPE image storage box
High definition desk optical inspection system, 30-300x, built-in LED lights, ergonomics
TEK-SCOPE 360 inspection + 4D lens
TEK-SCOPE inspection table, precision x-y gliding stage
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