Smart Tweezers with Bluetooth - Tutorial

ST-5S-BT2 features a Bluetooth low-energy link to mobile platforms. The link allows for visualization of measurements and measurement parameters, recording measurement sets, configuration of data boundaries and value alerts.

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Led Tester (smart Tweezers) - Tutorial

ST-LED is a specialized solution for testing and verification of SMD and throughhole LEDs. The device design combines a pair of high quality gold-plated tweezers and a digital adaptive LED tester in a compact, lightweight, battery powered instrument.

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Bonpens by Bonkote™ - Tutorial

Bonpens by Bonkote™ are refillable flux pens, that enables fine and accurate flux application on your work area.
Available in 7 distinct styles, for different applications.
You can also use a single cartridge, and simply buy the various replacement tips. 

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Replaceable Plastic and Ceramic Tip Tweezers - Tutorial


- Easy and fast to replace
- 3 alignment points
- Cost effective
- Different geometries and materials

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Cleaning Pen System (Pen-tek & MicroPen-tek) -Tutorial

Perfect tool for cleaning lenses. The small, lightweight, pen-shaped cleaning tool with retractable dust removal brush is easy to use and fits in every bag. No more fingerprints, dust and debris! A unique non-liquid cleaning element removes fingerprints without damaging the surface and never dries out

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How to oil your Cutters & Pliers - Tutorial


• Medicinal white oil
• Perfect for use in Medical Device
        * meets requirements of FDA
• Lubricant
• Corrosion preventive

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Wire Lead Catcher (WLC100 - WLC125) - Tutorial

Wire Lead Catcher, made of stainless steel AISI 304,  for our high precision cutters with 10mm box or 12.5mm box.
Wire Lead Catcher fits Oval, Tapered & Tapered & Relived cutters only

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Printed Circuit Board Holder (PCSA) Assembly - Tutorial

The circuit board holders of the PCSA series are the ideal tool for fitting circuit boards with components. The holder can easily be remounted in single parts and be reassembled in different combinations

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PC-40 (PC Board Holder) Assembly - Tutorial

PC-40 is a practical desk adjustable repair stand, dedicated to all rework operations. 360° rotation of the board; PC-40 may be installed on any workbench.

Maximum board length: 250mm

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Stripping tweezers for coated wire - Tutorial

Used to remove lacquer insulation on copper wires to get them ready for a proper contacting.
Suitable for 0.4-0.8 mm diameter wires. Lightweight, economic and rapid in its operations.

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