New ESD safe blue rubber grip tweezers

New ESD safe blue rubber grip tweezers

  • 01.06.2017

    New ESD safe blue rubber grip tweezers


    Ideal-tek is excited to launch our new ESD SAFE BLUE RUBBER GRIP TWEEZERS.
    The new improved (DR) handles provide the following upgraded features:

    - Revised handle geometry is more ergonomic, and provides enhanced operator comfort and reduced finger stress when handling ESD sensitive components or small static sensitive items
    - Less bulky and lighter weight
    - Improved grip surface – with or without gloves
    - ESD SAFE (resistivity 10E8-E9 Ohm)
    - Handle color is Ideal-tek BLUE and consistent with our Ergo-tek cutter & plier line for easy identification. 

    Available as standard product in several styles – review the new complete expanded range -> ESD rubber grip tweezer leaflet
    ESD rubber grip tweezer on the website 
    In addition to wear resistance, Ideal-tek DR handles are resistant to chemicals, acids, detergents, soaps, grease and fuels. These tweezers are ideal for clean room environments.
    NOTE: Ideal-tek light blue handles have been discontinued and replaced with new enhanced BLUE handles.  

    (New ESD safe blue rubber grip tweezers Newsletter)

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